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Should you have a donor car that you are going to get your parts from or are getting your parts from a wrecking yard, the following list is some of the parts that you will need for you EFI conversion:

 Engine assembly


Bell housing, if manual transmission

Intake manifold assembly…


Fuel rail

Fuel rail adapters, metal tubes that go down by oil pan

Throttle body

TP sensor

Air bypass valve

ECT sensor

ACT sensor

EGR spacer

EGR valve & sensor

Heater hose tube

Air intake hose

Mass air flow sensor

Barometric pressure sensor

Oxygen sensors

EGR valve solenoid

Computer (PCM)

Accelerator pedal

Accelerator cable

Inertia switch & connector

TFI distributor

Ignition coil

Fuel filter bracket

Starter solenoid

Valve covers

If you consider running the serpentine belt system, you will need all of the accessories, air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, alternator and maybe the smog pump and their brackets. You will also need the water pump and its pulley. Don’t forget that the late model Mustangs run a reverse rotation water pump.


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